Commercial Lines :

  • Group Health Insurance

    A group health insurance plan provides coverage to members of a group that tends to be employees of a company or members of an organization.

    Benefits - 
    Lower Cost - Costs are much lower than health insurance bought individually.
    Better Benefits - Pre-existing diseases and Maternity covered from day one, no medical checkups, no waiting period, corporate floater option and all dependents covered.

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance

    Group Personal accident policies cover you for following contingencies in the event of an accident: death, permanent total & partial disability and temporary total disability. This policy provides complete cover in the event of death or disablement of the insured due to accidents occurring anywhere in the world.

  • Property Insurance

    Cover all properties at various locations against named perils like burglary, theft, natural calamities like earthquake, storm, flood and inundation etc.

    Special Types of Policies are designed for Stocks (declaration and floater), Building, Plant & Machinery keeping in mind the nature of property, proposers' requirements and basis of indemnification.

  • Marine Insurance

    This policy covers goods,freight and other interests against loss or damage to goods whilst being transported by rail,road,sea and/or air.

  • Liability Insurance

    In today’s globalised scenario, it is critical to consider liability insurance. It is always advisable to cover your business against all kinds of liabilities one is exposed to - public liability (third party injury or property damage) from industrial and non-industrial operations, product liability, professional indemnity, D&O liability and E&O liability.

  • Home Insurance

    Home Insurance policy provides a cover to the structure and contents of your home from all unforeseen natural & man-made catastrophes.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    The Professional Indemnity Policy is meant for professionals to cover liability falling on them as a result of errors and omissions committed by them whilst rendering professional service. This policy is meant for professionals like : Doctors, Medical establishments, Lawyers, CAs, Engineers, Architects, Interior decorators, Financial consultants etc.

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